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This is a mechanical type rolling shutter and is fitted with ball bearings. A crank handle is a winding handle for pulling and pushing this mechanical Gear Operated Shutter. The crank handle operation can be provided on both sides of the wall as per the customer requirements.

The Rolling Grills exactly work like the rolling shutters. Unlike the rolling shutters, the Rolling Grill Doors are meant for the interior use. We offer automatic Rolling Grills that are quite popular among the various industries and business houses. The bodies of the Rolling Grills are manufactured from the best quality metals which ensure long lasting performance. Moreover, these Rolling Grills are very easy to operate and install.

We can fabricate all kinds of Shutter Fabrication Services in Salem in accordance to the designs and specifications of our clients. And our amply experienced team ensures that the customer gets nothing less than the best.

We offer Shutter Works such as Gear Shutters and Rolling Shutter



  •  If the rolling shutter is operated by a bevel gear-box and crank handle, it can be used up to a maximum of about 25 m² clear area.
  • These type of shutters normally use worm drive arrangement.
  • This arrangement drives the worm wheel fixed to one end of the roller.
  • The worm drive provides protection against any accidental falling of the curtain because of spring failure.
  • The gear box operates the worm with a straight shaft joining the top of gear box and worm. The crank handle of the gear box can be removed.
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